Minutes 10th September 2015

EWB Minutes 10th September 2015 DRAFT Minutes of East and West Beckham Parish Council Held on Thursday 10th September 2015 The meeting opened at 7.32pm Present. Cllrs. R.

Wilson, (chairman), J. Dovey. G.

Place, R. Moreton Mr. P.

Donnachie, (NCC) J. Stibbons (clerk) The chairman opened the meeting at 7.30pm.

1. Apologies Cllrs.

B. Powell, R. Lewis, A.

Sweeney County Cllr. M. Baker.

Dist.Cllr. M. Knowles PCSO Bridges 6.

A148 Lodge Corner Item 6 on the agenda was taken first to allow Mr. Donnachie to leave after he had given his presentation and answered questions. Mr.

Donnachie said he did not attend the meeting called in August to discuss the Lodge Hill junction. He was informed that the meeting wanted to reduce the speed limit but this is not an option. Speed limits are set by the speed management strategy.

Funding for this is not an issue. Local safety improvements were implemented in 2009.Vegetation was cut back to the East of the junction. The Advanced direction signs were moved back to improve drivers view and a SLOW road marking and other markings refreshed.

Following a site meeting in 2011 increased verge maintenance was agreed for the south side of the junction. There have been three injury accidents at the A148 Lodge Hill junction in the last three years, including the tragic death of Martha Seaward. This does not include a collision on 24th August 2015 where full details are not yet available from the Police.

The extent to which improvements can be delivered is governed by available funding. Provision of a roundabout costing between 500,000 and 1million or the provision of a D shaped pedestrian refuge are not viable options. Improvements considered are to lower the speed limit an option which finds most favour with local residents- but there is no proposal to do this at present as the 60mph limit, based on the NCC Highways agreed speed management strategy, is appropriate for rural roads of this kind.

Proposed improvements by NCC Highways include a short section of Trod on the North side of the A148 from the bus stop, directing pedestrians to a suitable crossing point, as well as a short section of TROD on the south side between the crossing point and Sheringham Road. Information signs will be in place to remind bus users to take care when crossing the road. There will also be some localised verge lowering to enhance visibility.

These measures could be implemented in the next few months. Visibility to the west from Sheringham road could be Improved by localised hedge cutting but the agreement of the landowner would be necessary. The Trustees of the land are to be contacted.

It was suggested that a Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) would warn drivers of the function. This could be funded by a 50% grant. The remaining 50% could be shared between E&W Beckham and Upper Sheringham parish councils.

Total cost would be in the region of 10,000. The meeting felt that Sanders are keeping to the main road because of the caravan site. NCC subsidise the bus operators to service rural routes which are not profitable.

I the service came through the village people from the caravan site could use the footpath to catch the bus on Sheringham Road, West Beckham Following the recent fatality the Coroner found concerns raised earlier with NCC concerning buses stopping on the A148 and suggested there should be a lower speed limit. A Vehicle Activated Sign had been suggested. Accidents at this junction mainly involve vehicles but the proposals put forward are biased towards pedestrians.

If the details of vehicle collisions are studied it will be seen that most of the accidents occurred when vehicles on the A148 were coming from the right. It was pointed out forcibly to him by the members present that the bus service through the village has been lost because of the dangerous junction at Lodge Hill Corner. Why was the Fakenham to Swaffham road, which was open country for much of its length restricted to 50mph?

The meeting repeated that the requirement of the local community was for a reduction in the speed limit. The chairman thanked Mr. Donnachie for his presentation.

Mr. Donnachie left the meeting at 8.57pm.

2. Declarations of Interest.

Mrs. Dovey declared an interest in item 7.

3. The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 9th July 2015, having been previously circulated, were approved by the members present and signed by the chairman.

4. Matters arising from the Minutes. There were no matters arising 5.

Any reports from the Police, County or District Councillors A written report from the Police stated that there were three calls to the police, two concerned malicious communications and one suspicious circumstances.

7. EWB Community Fund. The walk in East Beckham had been completed.

E available for the next Parish Council meeting in November. These can then be published.

8. Playing field.

The RoSPA safety inspection report was presented and discussed. Most of the inspection was satisfactory but the goal posts need securing as they could fall on a player. It was agreed that the goal posts should be put in the shed until a safety surface and a secure base could be provided.

9. Financial matters. It was noted that the Community account balance at date of meeting was 2890.07 The following invoices were approved and cheques signed No 100414 Playsafe Ltd Inspection 78 No 100415 J.

Stibbons Salary and expenses 471.99 No 100416 HMRC PAYE 92 No 100417 Chevertons printing 65 No 100418 S. Thurtle Grass cutting 20 No.100419 Mazars Auditors 150 10. Correspondence Request for donations from Citizens Advice Bureau and Tapping House.

These will be considered at the end of the financial year.


Matters for information only or for the next agenda.

The West Beckham allotments are not being looked after and this is to be included as an item on the next agenda There being no further business the chairman closed the meeting at 9.28pm The next Beckham parish council meeting will be held on Thursday 12th November 2015