Security Alert – London Scammer | Coin-Op Community

10/01/2016 We have had a tip off about the guy pictured. He has been seen in and around London area at Waterloo, Wandsworth, Kilburn, Paddington and he uses the same MO each time. He plays the machine and trips alarm 43 or 48 on/off or button stuck or uses a gizmo to do the same.

Just before the alarm sounds he throws a couple of 1 coins hard into the pay out cup that can be heard by people nearby. As the alarm sounds showing AL42 or AL43 he demands that amount in cash saying the machine failed to pay out. He then turns the machine off when staff turn it back on it is clear of any fault or alarm code.

If the payout fault or win had occurred the battery back-up would hold condition after power off. The staff, usually a lone bartender, is then subjected to threats and abuse. Staff normally say they will get the machine checked but he is adamant he can t come back because he lives in Clacton, Essex; nor will he leave his name address nor telephone number.

He turns on the staff with further threats until on this occasion the land lady calls the police and the barman comes on duty. The culprit leaves empty handed. As part of his M.O he usually visit pubs in the quiet periods, such as mornings with few customers and only skeleton staff.

We hear that he has been pulling this scam for around 18 months to 2 years or more. The culprit is about 6ft tall and has tattoos on his neck. Demanding money with menaces is a crime!

Remember do not part with any money call the police.