JBL Media For Bad News Barrett Diss, Total Divas Deleted Scenes …

– JBL 1 is getting some media for his dig at Bad News Barrett 2 and comparing him to the England cricket team, who were eliminated from the World Cup after a loss to Bangladesh. The International Business Times has an article about it here 3 , while Cricket Country has a story about it at this link 4 . “Barrett about to look like England after Bangladesh got hold of ’em,” JBL said. – Sports Illustrated has an article about the Atlanta Hawks here 5 . It was noted that Atlanta point guard Jeff Teague was a “WWE devotee” and likened himself to Rey Mysterio 6 .

He also likened teammates Kyle Korver to Shawn Michaels 7 , Al Horford to Hulk Hogan 8 and Paul Millsap to The Undertaker. – E! Online has several deleted scenes from last Sunday’s episode of Total Divas . In this clip 9 , Natalya 10 puts Rosa Mendes 11 in a sharpshooter to convince Paige’s boyfriend Bradley to sing for them.

This video 12 features Alicia Fox and Paige 13 ripping on Rosa for her parking abilities, while this clip 14 shows more fighting between Eva Marie 15 and husband Jonathan. – Tickets are now available for the upcoming WWE 16 tour in Europe in April. Below is a list of the dates: Wed, April 8: Glasgow, Scotland Thu, April 9: Newcastle, England Fri, April 10: Sheffield, England Fri, April 10: Belfast, Northern Ireland Sat, April 11: Nottingham, England Sat, April 11: Birmingham, England Sun, April 12: Cardiff, Wales Sun, April 12: Manchester, England Mon, April 13: London, England (WWE RAW taping) Mon, April 13: Leeds, England Tue, April 14: Bournemouth, England Tue, April 14: London, England (WWE SmackDown taping) Follow Raj Giri on Twitter at @RajGiri_303 17 . Got a news tip or correction?

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