Huu Ni Unyama!

Reckless Driver Unsympathetic After Hitting A …

It looks like inhumanity is creeping in on us slowly and there is nothing as bad as hearing your loved one passed away because they were run over by a vehicle in a horrible road accident. There was a nasty road accident yesterday evening at Runda where a Range Rover alleged to be of a public figure rammed into a road barrier and hit a security man. Sadly, the security man died on the spot, while the driver came out unhurt after causing massive destruction during the dark hours of the night.

File Photo Of An Accident From the photos, the wreckage on the roadside is evidence that this was a devastating road carnage 1 and the sad part about this incident is that the driver cares more about his damaged car than the life he took away. The reckless driver was apparently drunk and from the video, you can vividly tell from his voice, as the lifeless body lies in the middle of the road. How sickening!

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