September Blog | exploringU counselling

Welcome to Septembers Blog entry, this month Glenda will be going off on another exploringU travelling trip at the end of this month with an ABI client. Glenda will be taking her client to Japan for a three weeks. This month we are happy to announce that Kayleighanne has just completed her first exploringU travelling trip with an ABI client.

Kay took her client on a long weekend break to Centre Parcs in Thetford forest, whilst there they took part in several activities such as swimming, bowling, pottery painting, Rambling & even visited the spa there. We got Kay in for a quick interview and asked her about the break, she told us it was an intensely valuable learning experience for her as it allowed her to see the whole of her client not just the parts that she sees when she works with the client normally. Kay told us that respite isn t just a holiday it s something that allows a client to see and do things that normally they wouldn t be able to do.

She also told us that the respite doesn t just benefit the client it gives the rehabilitation worker experience that they can use with not just this client but all the clients they work with. We also asked her about what life is like as a rehabilitation worker when not on a travelling break. Kay told us that her job is to help a person live their life like they did before they suffered their acquired brain injury or other trauma.

This could involve going shopping with them, helping them do the cleaning or maybe going to see a play with them. Kay told us that no matter what she s doing with the client it s the most rewarding job she s ever had and that since starting her entire world view has changed. Our Business is still growing as we are now opening up a new satellite centre in Saffron Walden just two months after opening our Hatfield Peverel site and a satellite centre is on the cards in Bury St Edmunds.

Keep following us over the next few months as the business continues to expand with new sites and new faces joining the team.

If you would like to find out more about our rehabilitation coordinators or about travelling further afield to an amazing country feel free to contact us: Email: [email protected] 1 Phone: 01787 829141 References ^ [email protected] (