Hands Across the Sea, Deschapelles, Haiti: Saturday, Sunday and …

Saturday was a quiet day around here, only security and house mommies on site. We all made our own breakfast..I had cornflakes and ti figs, Dickie had rolls with peanut butter and mango jam, Jim had toast and eggs, Ti Luc had his favorite, a plate full of ti figs with peanut butter and nutella and Karen had toast and mango juice. I made bread, it wasn’t a prize batch, BUT Karen was delighted with it and that is all that matters.

We did depot arranging; some stuff going in and other stuff coming out. There is always a need for new/bigger shoes, sandals, runners, socks, underwear, pants and dresses etc when you have 18 children! Some of us had a good day and some not so good.

Jim came down with the flu but worked through and was working on a shutoff valve for the girls home and broke a pipe there. Later he was working on the tap outside the devotion room and he broke a pipe off there too! Dickie was trying to stay away from him BUT didn’t quite succeed, he ended up helping Jim fix the pipes.

Sunday we were all up and preparing for church. Jim and Dickie were under the weather and had to stay home. Jim was going to give the message with Karen translating so she had to quickly come up with a short devotion herself.

Church started early…not usual, as most things start late in Haiti! We had a great service with our own Leica and Djemima leading worship. The afternoon saw us giving out new clothes that were brought down, having cookies and juice and watching a new video that Molly, Lexi, Cliffy and Ellie sent to them.

An early night for us all! It is great to have a relaxing day, even if it takes sickness to make it. Monday arrives early with the normal hustle and bustle of a work day.

Breakfast, devotions, office work, payrolls ,excel prep work for 2016, lists for gifts for sponsored students, walls being knocked out in the girls home because of leaking pipes, clean up of the depot down below….no small feat! Dickie declares it is his last time ever to do this!!!! Wait until next year!

Ti Luc loves to wash clothes with the ladies in the laundry room so I took his school work there to him this morning so he could do what he wanted and also what I wanted at the same time. He is good at multi tasking, something I am not! Germaine came to work today to hear that Jim had been sick all weekend and she set out to make him a tea of the hibiscus flower with lemons from the tree in the yard.

She said it might not taste good BUT it would make him feel better. He drank it and said it wasn’t bad and he now feels better. I wear the hibiscus flower in my hair and Jim drinks it…guess it is more than just a pretty flower!

Kids came after school for their gifts and we were able to give gifts and take photos and send some happy kids on their way home. Thank you to all who sent gifts and food for their sponsored children, you will never know what that food meant to them! Jim and Dickie are off to do more chores, and Karen just left to get some photos of the girl’s home with walls knocked out.

Luckner is there working on the plumbing problem still in his dress clothes from his hours at the school this morning. I am sitting here sweating and my hands are slipping off the keys. Ti Luc came for me to scratch his ear and asked me what was wrong, why was there water all over my face?

Yeah exactly why says Karen – I am not wet?