Jennifer Garner Stopped by Police to Take Selfie

may be the only person who is smiling after having a run-in with the police. The “” actress was happy that she was not in trouble with the law because one of the NYPD officers who stopped her on the street was a big fan of her. The 43-year-old actress was in New York City when she was stopped by a group of police officers.

Surprisingly, one of them asked the former wife of to . An eyewitness said that Garner was in a good mood and she immediately accepted the officer’s request. “She was walking alone, just going about her day,” the eyewitness told Entertainment Tonight. “The officers saw Jen and asked if she would take a photo with them, which she obliged.” Despite having tumultuous life after splitting from Affleck, the “Alias” actress seemed to enjoy her life as a single mother. Last week, the mother of three was photographed at a market in Pacific Palisades, where she grabbed some fresh fruit and vegetables.

On the previous day, she was pictured leaving the gym to pick up her children from school.