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Lawyering without a license: Just don't do it

bibleswearing By Rebekah Mintzer, from Corporate Counsel Media company Al Jazeera America found itself in a tricky situation this week, when The New York Times reported 1 that the company s general counsel, David Harleston, appears not to be licensed to practice law in the state of New York where AJAM is headquartered or in anywhere else in the U.S. It s unclear why Harleston, a Yale Law grad who passed the bar exam for New York but never actually was admitted to practice, didn t get licensed. But on learning of the issue, AJAM suspended the general counsel and opened up an investigation.

Getting caught lawyering without a license at a large, sophisticated media company like AJAM is unusual. Normally the issue of licensing comes up more often when in-house lawyers change jobs or do work in a new jurisdiction and may need to fulfill certain requirements to practice there. Rules on what in-house attorneys already licensed elsewhere need to do in a new jurisdiction vary from state to state, and the choice of relevant rules is usually based on where the legal work is being done, not where the company the in-house counsel s company is headquartered or incorporated.

Many states base their licensing rules on the American Bar Association s Model Rule 5.5 2 .,which deals with the unauthorized or multijurisdictional practice of law. Rule 5.5 includes an exception for in-house attorneys that meet certain specifications to practice in these new states without going through types of processes like taking a bar exam that they had to go through the first time. In some states, compliance with the Rule 5.5 in-house counsel exception will be enough, but many others require in-house counsel to jump through some hoops to get licensed to practice in the new jurisdiction.

Some require additional registration and applications, while others may require fees or reciprocity with the state where the attorney has full bar admission. And then there may limitations on the corporate counsel s ability to practice with the license. In some states, in-house attorneys without formal bar admission won t be able to work on pro bono projects, and in others, they have to maintain a certain level of physical presence in the jurisdiction in order to keep up their license.

There are plenty of ways that all of this can make life confusing, especially for in-house attorneys that often move around the country on their company s behalf. It can also become hard because unlike the typical firm attorney, in-house counsel may spend a great deal of time working on their company s business matters rather than its legal ones. Michael Feldman, a partner at OlenderFeldman sees where this could cause licensing issues.

I think that it s realistic because it s not uncommon to see lawyers playing dual roles, he says. Often times as you become more senior, your lawyer role can be diminished and the business role can increase. If an in-house attorney is working on business in a state where he or she is not licensed to practice law, that s probably not going to be a problem.

Once the lawyer starts giving legal advice though, bets are off. The situation at AJAM has probably been embarrassing for both Harleston and the company, but it could still get worse. For in-house lawyers who don t follow attorney-licensing rules, the consequences can be harsh.

Unauthorized practice of law is a crime in many jurisdictions, says Michael McCabe Jr., a partner at Funk & Bolton. It s a misdemeanor, so it s not to be taken lightly. And practicing without the proper license can not only get the individual lawyer in big trouble, but can also prove damaging for the company.

The work that an unlicensed in-house attorney does could very well lose that crucial attorney-client privilege. McCabe pointed to at least one piece of litigation where an attorney s lack of licensing put the entire case at serious risk. In a 2010 case, Gucci America Inc.

v. Guess? Inc.

one of the in-house counsel for Gucci had an inactive licensing status with the California State Bar, and as a result, a magistrate judge ruled that his communications relevant to the case would lose attorney-client privilege because he technically was not a licensed attorney at the time of the communications. Although in Gucci , that decision was eventually overturned, the message was clear: using an attorney without the proper licensing can leave a company vulnerable, especially when there s litigation involved. McCabe adds that companies can t afford to take chances with licensing, because they won t always come out on top like Gucci did.

Typically privilege issues and licensing issues are judge by judge and state by state, he says. Given the risks involved corporate legal departments and law firms, for that matter should think carefully about whom they hire. Checking on someone s license to practice seems a relatively quick and easy fix, but it s not one that those who are hiring necessarily do.

Feldman says that in his experience, those doing the hiring tend to take legal job candidates at their word when it comes to qualifications.

Assuming you re not hiring someone right out of law school, he notes it s probably not that common that when hiring an in-house or a private lawyer, investigate with the relevant bar to see if the person is actually admitted.

For more on this story go to: http://www.corpcounsel.com/id=1202742196076/Lawyering-Without-a-License-Just-Dont-Do-It#ixzz3rIHckMl9 3 References ^ The New York Times reported (www.nytimes.com) ^ American Bar Association s Model Rule 5.5 (www.americanbar.org) ^ http://www.corpcounsel.com/id=1202742196076/Lawyering-Without-a-License-Just-Dont-Do-It#ixzz3rIHckMl9 (www.corpcounsel.com)

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Community Events 1 NWDA Community Outreach The National Workforce Development Agency (NWDA), in an effort to provide improved customer service to its clients in their job seeking efforts, will have a representative at the district libraries to provide: ‘ Opportunities to register online with the NWDA. ‘ Opportunities to search the online job portal and self-referring for jobs. ‘ Assistance with preparing resumes. ‘ Assistance with preparing for an interview ‘ Career Exploration: Interest Profiler Dates, Hours and Locations: ‘ North Side Library Branch: Monday12th, Oct..-10:00am-1:00pm *Customer Service Workshop offered ‘ West Bay Library Branch: Wednesday 14th Oct.

10:00am-1:00pm *Communication Skills Workshop offered For more information please call 945-3114 Apostle 13 & the Disciple of Demons Play with music & dance FOUR performances only Opens Thu Oct 22- Sat Oct 24 7:30pm & Sun Oct 25 3:00pm St George s Anglican Church Hall Tickets $15 (A) $5 (C) Discounts for groups 10 or more Tel: 949 5583 or 916 4594 or at the door OCTOBER IS BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH THU OCT 15 Caribbean Statistics Day 2 On the 15th October 2015 the Caricom Community (CARICOM) marks the seventh observance of the Caribbean Statistics Day. Sunrise Art Club The National Gallery s Sunrise Art Club is Thursday (15 Oct) at 9am. EY s Art for the Elderly for Cayman Brac EY s Art for the Elderly for Cayman Brac hosted by the National Gallery is Thursday (15 Oct) from 1130am until 12:30pm.

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SAT OCT 17 CDS A (Trapp) family Affair Come Down and release your inner Maria/Nun/Goatherd! Saturday 17th October Two sing-along shows Doors open 3:30pm, show starts at 4pm, or Doors open 7:30pm and show starts at 8:30pm Prize for the Best Costume Magic Moments Prop Bags available by donation Young Caymanian Leadership Awards gala event, on Saturday, October 17, at the Ritz Carlton. Celebrating its 15th Anniversary this year, the YCLA was conceived to recognise and honour outstanding young people in the community who make a difference through their actions, behaviour and leadership, and who serve as role models for the youth of Cayman.

Live Televised Event As always, there will be a live telecast of the Award ceremony. Seating for the YCLA event starts at 6:00 pm and the doors close at 6:45 pm. to accommodate the live telecast of the Awards ceremony on Cayman 27.

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In addition, the evening will include special guest speaker Debra Searle, who will tell the fascinating story of her solo journey rowing across the Atlantic. THU OCT 22 Triple C School Music Department will be having a POP Concert featuring Erica Assai and Yung Fusion. The public is invited to attend.

The event will be taking place: When: Thursday, October 22, 2015 Where: Triple C School Multi-Purpose Hall Time: 6:30 p.m. Cost: Free Refreshments will be on sale. For more information please contact the school office at 949-6022.

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FRI & SAT OCT 30 & 31 SUN NOV 1 Derek Walcott s PANTOMIME Harry Trewe was a British song-and-dance man, now down on his luck and running a dilapidated guest house in Tobago. To try to lure tourists, he decides to tempt Jackson, a servant, to perform a Christmas panto featuring Robinson Crusoe and Man Friday. Directed by Henry Mutoo, PANTOMIME is a CNCF production in association with the University of South Florida.

Harquail October 30th/31st 2015 Prospect Playhouse Sunday November 1st 2015 125 seats only. Proceeds of the Prospect Playhouse performance will in part go to the CDS Educational Scholarship Fund. FRI OCT 30 Cayman Islands Conference Women s Ministries Retreat You are invited to attend the Cayman Islands Conference Women s Ministries Retreat at the UCCI Auditorium on Friday thru Sunday (30 Oct 1 Nov).

The theme for the weekend will be Women of Virtue Arise! Registration $25. For further information please call 916-1576.

Sat OCT 31 Run. Walk. Save Lives.

Fundraiser The Run. Walk. Save Lives.

Fundraiser is Saturday (31 Oct) at Grand Caymanian Resort Safe Haven. For more information, log onto www.caf.ky. MON NOV 9 13th APOSTLE Disciple of Demons By Colin Wilson Monday 9th November one night only Prospect Playhouse proceeds to The Alzheimer s and Dementia Association of the Cayman Islands (ADACI) Annual Meals on Wheels Dress Down Day SAVE THE DATE Dress Down Day Friday, 20th November, 2015 Help feed our Seniors we believe no-one in Cayman should go hungry.

Individuals can help by purchasing an orange ribbon for $5.00 or a tee shirt for $15.00 and wearing them on Dress Down Day, we are encouraging companies to match employee donations. For more information or to sign up to participate please feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] 7 or via telephone at 949-3905. Public Consultation for Marine Parks For more information of the proposed Enhanced Marine Parks System, visit http://www.doe.ky/marine/marine-parks-review/ 8 .

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Speaker: Ron S. Geffner Start Date: 11/24/2009 End Date: 11/24/2009 Location: The Wharf Restaurant, Cayman Islands Associated: Ron S. Geffner Please join the Cayman Jewish Community for the following programmes: Mark Halawa: From Kuwait to Jerusalem Wednesday, December 9th 4:00 pm Pardes Rock Chanukah Concert Wednesday, January 6th 2016 Jerusalem Uncovered: Rabbi Avraham Stolik REDUCE RISK.

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The event will kick off at 9:00 am on December 15 with an opening keynote presentation that will show you how to proactively monitor for, assess, and counter information security threats without going dark yourself. This opening keynote will prime you for the event by leading you through the landscape on: How to safely pursue an offensive strategy Examples from the health care and financial services industries The latest ISP (Information Security Program) approaches and compliance initiatives Upgrading of IT Systems and New Continuous Monitoring platforms in IT Keynote Speakers: Mauricio Paez Partner Jones Day Bill Sieglein Founder CISO Executive Network Visit the website to view the complete agenda. Take advantage of our early registration rates Register by September 30 and save up to $400.

Website: https://www.eiseverywhere.com/ehome/135818/309496/?utm_source=LAWAALMEVENTSweb&utm_medium=300 100&utm_campaign=CS15 ROWING FOR CANCER Starting November 14, 2015 Craig Noble Attempting to Break Rowing Record to Raise funds for CICS Cayman Charity Row Spectators Welcome! Date: 14th November 2015 Time: 0700hrs Event: Cayman Charity Row British Concept 2 Rowing machine 100,000 metres age group record attempt, currently 7 hours 11 minutes. Location: Anytime fitness gym, Camana Bay Open to all public who want to view and offer support Visit the Cayman Charity Row webpage for more information: www.caymancharityrow.splashthat.com Craig has set a Noble goal of raising $50,000 for the Cayman Islands Cancer Society as well as another $50,000 for the Children s Tumor Foundation so please DONATE NOW at: http://www.active.com/donate/cancersociety 10 Cayman Islands Subway s FOOD DRIVE to help Meals on Wheels Now through Dec 6, 2015 Help us feed those in need this Thanksgiving.

Bring in any canned goods or non-perishable items to any Subway location before December 6th. All proceeds to benefit Feed our Future, Meals on Wheels and a few other organizations dedicated to providing nourishment to the less fortunate. Older Persons Month Starts with a Bash Seniors in the Cayman Islands are invited to a number of events throughout October that celebrate older persons.

On Grand Cayman these include; Eastern District Day takes place at the Bodden Town Civic Centre on Tuesday, 20th Oct 2015, 5.30pm-8.30pm. The Circle of Love Prayer Tea is scheduled for Saturday, 24th October, 2.00 pm to 5pm, venue to be confirmed. The Seniors Bash takes place at the Westin Casuarina Resort on Thursday, 29th October, 6:30 to 10.00 pm.

To wrap up the month Cayman National Cultural Foundation has invited seniors to a special performance on Friday, 30th October, 8.00pm at the Harquail Theatre. Limited spaces available. For more information contact 949-0290.

Meanwhile on Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, A Seniors Island Tour takes place on Tuesday, October 13th and Tuesday, October 27th, 8:30am to 2.00pm The Cayman Brac Seniors Social will be at the Aston Rutty Civic Center on Wednesday, 28th October 10.00am-2.00pm. On Little Cayman a church service and luncheon takes place on Sunday, 25th October at the Little Cayman Baptist Church at 11.00 am. Cayman Islands Hospice Care has a clinical volunteer programme Our clinical volunteers are trained to provide assistance and support in many ways, from companionship to transportation and running errands.

Their roles are guided by a patient s needs. They are recruited, screened/ trained and are obligated to maintain privacy/ confidentiality and to respect patients/ family members choices. Care is taken to match patients with volunteers who have similar interest, or speak the same language, have similar personalities live nearby or are otherwise deemed a good fit.

Upcoming Events October 29, 2015 Cayman Islands Healthcare Conference For more: http://www.caymanhospicecare.ky/services/clinical-volunteer-program/ 11 Jamaica: Man in custody for father, son murders in Westmoreland From Jamaica Observer WESTMORELAND, Jamaica One man is in custody in connection with the murders of 43-year-old businessman Ricardo Sinclair and his 18-year-old son, Ajani, who were both shot dead under controversial circumstances in Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland, last Friday night. The man was reportedly accompanied to the Savanna-la-Mar Police Station by a politician and handed over to police personnel. We believe that this man can assist us tremendously in our investigation, head of the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) ACP Ealan Powell told OBSERVER ONLINE.

The shooting of Sinclair and his son sparked a fiery demonstration in front of the Savanna-la-Mar Public General Hospital by irate residents who accused members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) of shooting the two. Both Ricardo and Ajani were shot just metres from the hospital where the elder Sinclair operates a restaurant. A strong contingent of police and soldiers had to be deployed to the area after unruly residents firebombed an old ambulance parked on the hospital premises, hurled stones, which broke the back glass of a police service vehicle, used debris to block the entrance to the hospital, and set fire on a section of the hospital compound between Friday night and Saturday morning.

On Saturday morning the protesters pelted the hospital premises with Molotov cocktails. Horace Hines For more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/UPDATE Man-in-custody-for-father son-murders-in-Westmoreland 12 Jamaica: Sangster Airport reopened following Delta Airlines fire on runway From Jamaica Gleaner Passengers getting off the Delta flight using emergency exits following the fire on board. The runway at the Sangster International Airport has now been reopened following a fire on board Delta Airlines flight 304 Monday afternoon .

The runway was reopened approximately 6:15 pm three hours after it was closed. The runway was closed, after the flight crew of the Boeing 737 aircraft reported a fire warning indication from its cargo bay, as the aircraft taxiing for take-off. It is reported that the 160 passengers and six crew members were safely evacuated.

The Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority says investigators from its Flight Safety Division are probing the incident. For more: http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/news/20151012/update-sangster-airport-reopened-following-delta-airlines-fire-runway 13 Mexico 14 wins CONCACAF Cup, qualifies for Confederations Cup Mexico (pictured) celebrates after defeating the USA to win the CONCACAF Cup on October 10, 2015, in Pasadena, California. (Photo: Mexsport) PASADENA, California Paul Aguilar scored in the 118th minute to give Mexico a 3-2 victory over the United States in the CONCACAF Cup on Saturday night, earning the Tricolor berth at the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup in Russia. The 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup champion qualified for its seventh Confederations Cup.

Aguilar climaxed a memorable, end-to-end match with his dramatic goal. After the U.S. cleared the ball out of the penalty area, Raul Jimenez lifted it in the air to the right side.

With near inch-perfect technique, the Club America star maintained remarkable concentration to drill a right-footed volley past goalkeeper Brad Guzan. As expected, the Rose Bowl had an electric atmosphere as the game started with much intensity from the players and an emotionally charged capacity crowd of 93,273 at the Rose Bowl. The Tricolor struck first in the 10th minute through forward Javier Hernandez, who tallied his first-ever goal against the USA.

In a quick succession of pin-point passes that pried open the American defense, Jimenez found an unmarked Oribe Peralta on the right side of the penalty area. As he zeroed in on Guzan, Peralta shuffled a short pass to the center of the box for Hernandez to knock in at the left post. It did not take the USA long to equalize.

Midfielder Michael Bradley sent a free kick from the left side into the area. An onrushing defender Geoff Cameron got a step on his marker and headed the ball past goalkeeper Moises Mu oz to knot the score at 1-1 in the 15th minute. Both sides had additional chances in the opening 45 minutes.

Bradley came close on a couple of occasions. As he charged towards the net, the U.S. captain fired a 16-yard attempt wide right in the 32nd minute and placed another left-sided free kick towards the near post that forced Mu oz to make a diving save just before halftime.

In between those misses, the Mexicans were involved in a controversial play in the 34th minute, when they were called for an offside while Peralta slammed into Guzan after the play. A shoving match between the teams ensued and Peralta was issued a yellow card by referee Joel Aguilar. The Mexicans held the ball for huge stretches of time in the second half, forcing a fatigued U.S.

side to use exert substantial levels of energy on defense. Mexico took its second lead in the first extra-time period as Peralta the 2013 CONCACAF Player of the Year slotted home past Guzan off an assist by Aguilar to break a 1-1 deadlock in the 108th minute. The Americans again equalized in the second extra time.

Substitute Bobby Wood, who has a penchant for scoring vital late goals off the bench, lived up to his reputation. The 22-year-old Germany-based forward latched onto a DeAndre Yedlin pass, beating Mu oz from seven yards to make it 2-2. UK Green Investment Bank says it has raised 818m for offshore wind farms By Lauren Fedor From City A.M.

IMAGE: he bank has set a target of raising 1bn (Source: Getty) The UK Green Investment Bank (GIB) has so far raised 818m for its offshore wind fund, the government-owned bank announced today. The bank said that it had executed a second close on new commitments of 355m for the offshore wind fund, bringing the total amount raised to 818m after a 463m initial close earlier this year. The bank has set a 1bn fundraising target for the fund, which is expected to be the first of its kind dedicated entirely to investments in offshore wind power generation.

Major investors in the latest round of fundraising included the Swedish life insurance and pension company AMF Pensionsforsakring and the UK-based Strathclyde Pension Fund. The bank also announced that the fund acquired GIB s option on a 10 per cent stake in Gwynt y Mor wind farm located off the North Wales coast. The farm is reportedly the second-largest operating offshore wind farm in the world.

Gwynt y Mor becomes the fund s third asset, alongside the Rhyl Flats wind farm in North Wales and the Sheringham Shoal wind farm off the coast of Norfolk. The bank said combined, the three offshore wind farms are able to produce 2,980 GWh of renewable energy annually, enough to power more than 700,000 homes. Energy secretary Amber Rudd applauded the announcement today, saying: Offshore wind has been a UK success story and I welcome this long-term, private sector involvement in what is now the largest renewable energy fund in the UK.

Karl Smith, GIB s fund managing director, said the fundraising round highlights the growing confidence that home-grown and international investors have in well-developed and well-managed offshore wind assets in the UK . Smith said the bank is in advanced discussions with other potential in vestors and progressing quickly towards its 1bn fundraising target. GIB was set up at the end of 2012 to back green energy projects and to spur private sector investment.

The bank says that since then it has invested 2bn in 50 projects worth over 8bn, including waste management plants and offshore wind farms. Business secretary Sajid Javid ann oun ced in June that the government would sell off a majority stake of the bank within the next five years, though no announcement has been made about the exact size of the sale. For more: http://www.cityam.com/226385/green-investment-bank-says-it-has-raised-818m-for-offshore-wind-farms 15 Lawyers demand VW buy back polluting cars By Marisa Kendall, From The Recorder SAN FRANCISCO Lawyers with Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro and Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan have upped the ante in their legal battle against Volkswagen A.G., demanding the company buy back half a million vehicles affected by the recent emissions scandal.

Related Articles: Volkswagen Emissions Cheating Scandal Heats Up The lawyers claim Volkswagen hasn t proposed an adequate fix for cars that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency determined were emitting pollutants at up to 40 times the legal limit. Rather than forcing deceived consumers to drive the faulty cars, Volkswagen is obliged to buy back the vehicles at market prices, the lawyers argue in filings submitted Monday in the U.S.

District Court for the Central District of California. Plaintiffs paid a premium for cars advertised as clean diesel vehicles because they took pride in helping to reduce pollution, said Quinn Emanuel partner Shon Morgan. Now that Volkswagen has admitted the cars came equipped with so-called defeat devices that cheated emissions tests, plaintiffs are disgusted and ashamed, Morgan said.

They don t want to drive these cars. And Volkswagen isn t giving them an option not to drive these cars. Volkswagen s chief executive officer, Michael Horn, told Congress last week that it will take the company years to fix affected cars, according to Monday s motion seeking a preliminary injunction.

Horn testified that the company will start on the project next year, the lawyers wrote, but as a plan has not yet been designed or approved, there s no telling how long it will take or whether it will be successful. Class members shouldn t have to stand for this foot-dragging, the lawyers wrote. They ve demanded Volkswagen buy back the cars at prescandal price levels from all plaintiffs in the putative nationwide class.

It s unusual, but the facts here are unusual, said Steve Berman of Hagens Berman. Berman and Morgan also filed a second suit Monday on behalf of California Volkswagen owners under the state s emissions warranty law, which expressly authorizes buyback relief. Plaintiffs seek a preliminary injunction in the California case as well.

So far Hagens Berman has filed five suits against Volkswagen, and has teamed up with Quinn Emanuel on two. For more: http://www.therecorder.com/id=1202739617953/Lawyers-Demand-VW-Buy-Back-Polluting-Cars#ixzz3oSatppSP 16 Settlement reached in suits stemming from west fertilizer blast By Miriam Rozen, From Texas Lawyer Settlements reached this weekend halted the start of the first scheduled trial in civil litigation stemming from the April 17, 2013, explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, according to lead plaintiffs counsel. The explosion left 15 dead, including 12 first responders, and more than 200 people injured.

At the scheduled trial, the plaintiffs, surviving family members of three men who first responded to the blast and then died, were expected to allege negligence and seek damages from a long list of defendants, including the chemical manufacturers of products allegedly in the plant at the time of the blast. We are very limited in what we can say, said Steve Harrison, a partner in Harrison Davis Steakley Morrison, a firm based in Waco, just 30 minutes south of West. Harrison and Zona Jones, his co-lead plaintiffs counsel, who is an attorney in Beaumont s Provost Umphrey, represent the three men s surviving family members.

The litigation is resolved, that is the only thing we can say, said Jones, when pressed for details about the terms of the settlements. Both Jones and Harrison noted that litigation continues for some 250 other claimants who are seeking damages based on allegations related to the blast. Defense lawyers included Marc A.

Young, a principal in San Antonio s Cokinos Bosien & Young, who leads the firm s tort litigation section and represents International Chemical Co., and John McCoy, a partner in McCoy Leavitt & Laskey of Waukesha, Wisconsin, who represents Adair Grain, which does business as West Fertilizer. Neither returned a call for this story. In previous answers, filed with the court, defendants have denied the allegations.

For more: http://www.texaslawyer.com/id=1202739605614/Settlement-Reached-in-Suits-Stemming-From-West-Fertilizer-Blast#ixzz3oSiKsGTR 17 Murders up 30 percent in Bahamas By Royston Jones Jr. Nassau Guardian Staff Reporter From Caribbean News Now NASSAU, Bahamas Murders in The Bahamas increased 30 percent between January 1 and October 7, 2015 compared to the same period in 2014. There were 90 murders recorded during this period last year, compared to the 117 murders recorded this year.

The murder count does not include several matters that have yet to be classified. The latest killing occurred on Thursday when a 29-year-old man was shot dead. Acknowledging that The Bahamas is faced with an extraordinary development regarding murders, Prime Minister Perry Christie said last month that the government will have to answer to the Bahamian public for its record on crime.

Since May 7, 2012, when the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) government was elected, 429 murders have been recorded in The Bahamas. Between May 7 and December 31, 2012, there were 70 murders. In 2013, there were 119 murders.

In 2014, there were 123 murders. In 2012, Christie, then opposition leader, said, When it comes to crime, they (the Ingraham administration) have been miserable failures. If you re looking for real and lasting solutions to this crime problem, there s only one party that has a comprehensive and viable plan for fighting crime, and that party is the PLP.

Christie also said the PLP had the answers and the will to address crime. But three years into the PLP s term, there has been no appreciable decrease in crime. Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade recently begged for help in the fight against crime.

He warned that if people in power don t provide that support, the police would continue to pick up dead bodies . Greenslade said the police are working like crazy to keep the criminals behind bars, but added that the country cannot arrest ourselves out of this problem. For more: http://www.caribbeannewsnow.com/topstory-Murders-up-30-percent-in-Bahamas-27879.html 18 David Cameron is ignorant over slavery reparations, says Danny Glover By Andrew Pulver From The Guardian UK Prime minister under fire from Lethal Weapon actor and activist over comments that Jamaica should move on from slavery Actor Danny Glover has called David Cameron s suggestion that Jamaica should move on from slavery outrageous , and said it shows the UK prime minister s ignorance of the issues.

In comments reported by the Gleaner, Glover best known for his role in the Lethal Weapon movies, but also a long-term left-leaning activist on a wide variety of causes said: To make such an outrageous statement is an insult it s outrageous and it just shows his ignorance. Glover was visiting Jamaica as part of a campaign for reparations for slavery, and addressed an editorial meeting at the Gleaner, the country s best-known news publication. Glover told the meeting: I m not holding out for the reparations, but I think certainly that reparations provide an opportunity for us to organise in different ways around the question itself If you don t bring up the issue, the brutality of it, you don t get a discussion around it.

Glover also responded to the UK government s plan to use foreign aid money to build a prison in Jamaica and transfer large numbers of Jamaican-born convicts there. Glover said Jamaican authorities should tell Britain to keep your prison, give us schools, give us infrastructure, not prisons . For more: http://www.theguardian.com/film/2015/oct/06/david-cameron-slavery-reparations-danny-glover-jamaica 19 Former Antigua PM says he didn t know Ashe donation was bribe money From CBN4 Former Antigua prime minister Baldwin Spencer has broken his silence about his acceptance of money from an ex-diplomat charged in connection with a bribery scheme, saying he had no reason to believe it was dirty money and insisting that bribes were never necessary to secure an audience with him while he was in office.

Spencer, currently Leader of the Opposition, sought to clear his name amidst calls for him to resign, following the arrest of former permanent representative to the United Nations Dr. John Ashe on tax evasion charges, linked to his alleged acceptance of one point three million US dollars in bribes. Ashe, who served at the UN mission between 1989 and 2014 and was president of the UN General Assembly (UNGA) allegedly received more than US $1.3 million bribes in 2013 and 2014, in exchange for supporting Chinese business interests.

It is also alleged that he shared some of his bribe money with politicians from Antigua, including the prime minister at the time, to secure an audience with them. For more: http://www.cbn4.com/2015/10/12/former-antigua-pm-says-he-didnt-know-ashe-donation-was-bribe-money/ 20 Caribbean films screen at International Short Film Festival Mauritius PRESS RELEASE A package of five short Caribbean films all previous selections of the trinidad+tobago film festival (ttff) were screened at le Courts, the International Short Film Festival of Mauritius (ISFFM), which took place from 6 10 October. The screenings of the short films formed part of an exchange between the ttff and ISFFM which saw a package of short films from Mauritius being screened at the recently concluded ttff/15.

The films that screened at ISFFM are: ABCs, Diana Montero, Cuba (2013) Doubles with Slight Pepper, Ian Harnarine, Trinidad and Tobago (2012) Grave Digger, Gabrielle Blackwood, Jamaica (2012) A Home for These Old Bones, Julien Silloray, Guadeloupe (2013) Old Moon, Raisa Bonnet, Puerto Rico (2013) Doubles with Slight Pepper and A Home for These Old Bones were screened as part of the ISFFM s closing night festivities on Saturday 10 October. Trinidad and Mauritius share remarkably similar histories, never mind that one island is in the Caribbean and the other is in the Indian Ocean, thousands of kilometres apart, said ttff Programme Director Annabelle Alcazar. We were thrilled at this opportunity to share aspects of the Caribbean experience with the people of Mauritius, just as we were happy to present Mauritian life to our audiences at ttff/15.

We expect this to be the start of a fruitful collaboration between our two festivals, and both countries. Founded in 2007, ISFFM is an annual showcase of short cinematic works from island nations of the Indian Ocean. Part of the festival s stated mission is to develop an audience for a different kind of cinema in Mauritius.

The ttff celebrates films from and about the Caribbean and its diaspora, as well as from world cinema, through an annual festival and year-round screenings.

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