eBay Listing Doesn't Include Air Jordan Box Because Police Took it …

Anyone who’s sold sneakers on the secondary market knows just how nit-picky buyers can be at times. For collectors, it’s often crucial that sneakers come with all their respective accessories, especially the original box. However, this eBay seller might have the best excuse we’ve seen for not including the O.G.

packaging. In a listing for a pair of “Cavs” Air Jordan IVs , the seller tells us right off the bat that the “box was taken into evidence to find DNA on it for the people that shot me.” Woah what? 1 The seller goes on to explain that in 2013, he was the victim of a home invasion in which he was shot six times. In order to gather evidence, police took several sneaker boxes from the scene, one of which was the box for these “Cavs” IVs.

Although the description insists that the IVs are brand new, the pictures seem to tell a different story. Whatever the case may be, we’re just glad that the seller has apparently recovered from the shooting. Check out the listing for yourself here 2 .

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