Airbender Tips and Tricks

Welcome to the Airbender Tips and Tricks page! All information can be applied to these models: NT30B / NT31B / NT610KR 1 2 3 Table of Contents: Pairing the Airbender with iPad & Troubleshoot 4 Removal of iPad from case cover 5 Positioning: Method of displaying your iPad 6 Additional Tips & Tricks: Function/Hot keys, etc. 7 Pairing the Airbender with iPad: ( Pictorial Instruction 8 ) 1. Enable Bluetooth in iPad s Settings.

2. Turn on Airbender keyboard, press the CONNECT button(BT LED will begin flashing).

3. From iPad, select Bluetooth keyboard .

A prompt message will appear on iPad s screen asking to enter passcode on Bluetooth keyboard.

4. From Airbender keyboard, Enter the passcode then press Enter. Bluetooth keyboard status should now appear CONNECTED.

Both devices has successfully paired! (Note: The CONNECT button is only needed for the initial pairing) Airbender has sleep/wake function. When not in use, it will go to sleep mode until it is activated again by tapping a key. Troubleshoot: If connection problem occur such as unresponsive key input or Bluetooth connection issue, try forgetting the keyboard device and redo the pairing process.

1. From iPad s Bluetooth Settings, select the blue icon next to Bluetooth keyboard, then Forget This Device. Now redo the Pairing process to reconnect Bluetooth keyboard with iPad.

BACK TO TOP 9 Removal of iPad from case cover BACK TO TOP Positioning: Method of displaying your iPad 10 Most users will immediately get in the habit of using this product like a laptop, but it is actually best when resting the iPad on the rubberized surface area at the top portion of the base keyboard. For a secure snug setup, open up the keyboard, adjust the sliding mechanism to desire length, bring down the iPad going pass the first top row of keys. Then push both bottom corners of the iPad towards the rubberized area until firmly planted. (Shown in below video: 0:20-0:25 second mark) Another position is to use the arm stand separately away from the keyboard.

Reverse the arm hinge will allow more viewing angles, shown in the picture below. To reach this position, open up the keyboard like usual but flip the iPad so the screen faces away. Then, slide the arm stand completely out of the keyboard.

Now the only step left is to rotate the stand so the screen is facing the user. Voila! BACK TO TOP Additional Tips & Tricks: Function/Hot keys, etc. 11 The Globe key allows keyboard language input selection if additional keyboard language are activated other than the default.*** All copy(C)/cut(X)/paste(V)/undo(Z) command can also be activated by holding the command/cmd key.

To highlight character, hold shift and move/select with arrow keys. Holding shift + FN to select by word. option/alt + keyboard letters = special characters for other languages option/alt + keyboard letters + shift = more keys/symbols option/alt + delete = erase whole word command/cmd + delete = erase whole row FN + delete = delete (erase characters to the right of cursor) To activate the auto sleep/wake function, first be sure to enable that feature in iPad settings.

Then when closing, the iPad Home button must be on the right side. Suggestion for opening; instead of laying the keyboard flat, like laptop, hold it vertically then bring the keyboard down to the surface instead of the traditional way of pushing up the screen. If Photo Slideshow & Search function key does not function, please update your iOS to the latest version.

FN+Backspace = delete (available in iOS7 or greater) -***iOS9 update change Since iOS9 s release, the keyboard language layout change function has shifted to Hold CTRL and press SPACE CTRL+SPACE Previous iOS: FN + SPACE BAR or CMD + SPACE BAR (Language function only works if a second language is active on the iPad) BACK TO TOP 12 References ^ NT30B ( ^ NT31B ( ^ NT610KR ( ^ Pairing the Airbender with iPad & Troubleshoot ( ^ Removal of iPad from case cover ( ^ Positioning: Method of displaying your iPad ( ^ Additional Tips & Tricks: Function/Hot keys, etc. ( ^ Pictorial Instruction ( ^ BACK TO TOP ( ^ BACK TO TOP ( ^ BACK TO TOP ( ^ BACK TO TOP (