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What Items Are Burglars Looking For?

Typically, burglars are looking for items to sell for money, not necessarily to keep for themselves. Below are the items that burglars are looking for the most: As long as pawn shops are still in business, burglars will always want jewelry so they can sell it. If your jewelry is stole, file a police report immediately.

The police can retrieve a list of transactions and your items may be on there. One of the most common things that burglars are stealing are electronics. They are looking for newer items, but will usually pick up anything that can be sold.

One of the biggest problems society has is abusing prescription drugs. If a burglar believes you may have some, they won t think twice about breaking in and stealing them. When it comes down to it, if an item can be sold, a burglar won t have any issue stealing it.

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Steps to Prevent Daytime Burglaries

Typically, most homeowners believe that daylight is a safe time when it comes to their home and having to worry about burglaries. Daylight can actually be an asset since most homeowners are less on guard, casual about open windows and unlocked doors. These daytime aspects offer the perfect opportunity for a burglar to execute their crime.

Check out our tips for decreasing your chance of becoming a target of a burglary: While doggie doors are convenient for your pets, they can also be convenient for burglars getting into your home. Even if you re just running out for a few minutes, make sure to lock all of your doors and windows. Don t leave keys hidden outside for family or friends.

Be strategic when it comes to the layout of your yard. Think about planting bushes with thorns outside of your home s windows. Speaking of landscape, make sure to keep your bushes trimmed to decrease places for burglars to hide.

Make sure your valuable items are not visible from your home s windows. If you purchase any expensive items, don t leave the boxes on the side of the road. Seeing the packaging of expensive items can give the burglar incentive to break in.

The best tip we can offer is to install a home security system 1 ! If you re not sure which system you should go with, contact 2 Basco Security to go over your home s options. Call us at 781-294-4166 to request a free quote today!

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