The barrister Arthabaska criminally charged

magictr 1 | January 11, 2016 | News 2 | (VICTORIAVILLE) The President of the Bar of the Law Society of Arthabaska, Guy Boisvert, returned to court Tuesday to face charges of driving while impaired. He was arrested in Laval, last summer, as he left the courthouse. Ironically, he had just defended a client accused of the same charges.

They are police officers present at the palace that would have noticed that the criminalist had symptoms of impairment. They have gathered as he left the scene. He appeared on October 7 and entered a plea of not guilty.

Despite the situation, members of the Law Society of District Council chose to maintain their barrister stationed. They justified their choice by claiming the fundamental principle of presumption of innocence, especially as their representative says not guilty as charged. The Law Society of Arthabaska says he met most interested to learn more about the situation.

It will follow all the same very carefully judicial procedures and review its decision once the court has ruled on this case. The Law Society of Arthabaska comprises 242 members of the judicial districts of Arthabaska, Drummond and Thetford Mines. As he was allowed to learn, Mr.

Boisvert, who is one of the most active criminal lawyers in Victoriaville courthouse, was caught with a blood alcohol level twice as high as what permits law.

His case must return to the court Tuesday.

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