2000 FIAT PUNTO 1.2 GOLD 8 valve good condition runs well

Description Gold W reg 2000 1.2L 8 valve 78880 miles MOT till 14 jan 2016 I bought this as a nifty run-about earlier in the year while my Landrover was off the road. It s done its job now, so it s time to go. It s been a fun car to drive, nippy and handles well, done a few long journeys in it without problems.

Starts, idles and runs well, engine sounds good. The bodywork s good, it s clean and tidy inside, looks fine. Originally I thought I might keep it longer so I looked on the Punto forum for potential problems and I ve had some of the usual niggles fixed : power steering connections resoldered replacement coils and ECU treated some spots of surface rust under the bonnet Also two new tyres new mid-section of the exhaust including the flex bit All the little things work fine : radio, heating, rear window heater, City option on the power steering, wing mirror adjusters, headlamp height adjuster, clock, fog light, bulbs etc etc.

There are three minor things which I know about, but they ve never bothered me: seat belt warning light is on, but no annoying beep, I presume there s a microswitch needing attention slight weep from the rocker cover gasket (not the cylinder head, that s ok) a few tiny stone chips in the bonnet paintwork There are two door keys but only one ignition key (the replacement ECU only came with one). The friend of a friend I bought it from couldn t find the security card (it was his mother s car and he couldn t find it amongst her possessions) but it does have the manual and the radio code. It s only got 2-3 months left on the MOT, but my Landrovers need attention again so I need to concentrate on those, but with the tyres and exhaust replaced and some welding on the underside the last guy had done, I know of no reason why it should fail.

I bought it for 400 but it s done its job, I ve had my money s worth and I need the space, so I m happy to let it go for a lot less than I paid. You can use Paypal, or if you prefer cash on collection, I m happy with that too. So, as they say, grab a bargain. | 200.00 | This car under 500 is currently listed on eBay, if you re ready to purchase or wish to contact the seller please click the button below.

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