Was Rob Gronkowski held by Aqib Talib on key fourth down? (Video …

The AFC Championship game was not without controversy, as a late non-call by the officials will have Patriots fans irked. With the Patriots down eight and camped out at the Denver 14 yard line facing a 4th and 6, Tom Brady naturally targeted Rob Gronkowski, his favorite target, in the back of the end zone. The throw was a bit high, and Gronkowski was unable to come down with it as it was tipped away by several Denver defenders.

Denver got the ball back, and despite a New England rally, the Broncos held on. The question, however: was Gronkowski held by Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib as he was getting ready to go up for the ball? Here s a video: One thing is clear: the official was right there with a clear view of it.

Gronkowski may not get calls because he s so big and strong, or perhaps it was not adjudged to be enough for pass interference in such a big spot.

Or maybe all that lobbying of the refs 1 Denver did during the week actually played a role.

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