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Drug Dealer Is “Literally Two Minutes Away Mate” Independent …

A small town in Norfolk was at the center of an independent report carried out by Trading Standards yesterday evening which confirmed that local Norwich dealer Little Pete Alexander was actually just two minutes away . An investigation was launched, in a bid to bring fairer and more honest product descriptions and delivery times to the UK drug trade, by Trading Standards at 6.38pm last night when a mister Wes. T.

Wood of Acle, Norfolk, was told almost forty minutes previously by his dealer that he would be about five minutes . Wunderground spoke with Mr Wood to get his take on events, To be fair it was pretty unexpected. The evening started out fairly standardly, I was watching The Voice on catch-up and eating overpriced, starchy Chinese food with Wifey when Will.I.Am came on the telly with those creepy eyes of his, the ones that look like someone forced two pickled onions into the eye sockets of a particularly docile panda, and I suddenly remembered that I fucking hate my life.

In a fit of impotent rage I launched a tub of black bean sauce at the wall above the TV, then yelled at Wifey to clean it up, he continued nonchalantly. While she was busy holding back the tears in her Pineapple Dance Studios tracksuit and sponging the black bean off the Laura Ashley wallpaper, I got on the phone to my mates Spoony and Hodge to let them know that we were going out into the city to have it large and get bollocksed for the night. Obviously they were well up for it, there s fuck all else to do around Norfolk unless you have an ounce of creativity or some gear, and at that point we had neither, continued Mr Wood, with the vacant stare of an offshore oil worker waiting for a North Sea contract in 2016.

Our normal guy, Reds, wasn t answering his phone so we tried this new lad, Little Pete, who we met in the pub outside the railway station in Brundall. He said he d be five minutes tops , claimed Mr Wood, scratching furiously at the flesh on his wrist where you would normally expect to see a watch. We sat there for forty cunting minutes, explained Mr.

Wood s angrily. We d drank half a case of Breezer while we were waiting on the unpunctual little twat and there was still no sign of him, eventually we decided enough was enough, something needed to be done, so we got on the phone to Trading Standards and made a number of complaints about his business practices. After being put through three switch boards, speaking to about ten different morons and being placed on hold for a total of thirty four, abhorrently Jessie J soundtracked, minutes we eventually got through to some bird called Sheila in HR.

She assured us that they had launched a full investigation into the matter and that a representative had just spoke with Little Pete and he was LITERALLY two minutes away .

They were spot on too, exactly two minutes later the daft little bastard showed up and gave us our gear, the rest as they say is history .

Vandals topple graves, deface tombstones at historic Confederate …

Vandals spray-painted KKK and White Supremacist on the headstones of several high-ranking Civil War officials in a Raleigh, North Carolina cemetery last week, the latest in a series of similar stunts. Cowardly acts like this, under the cover of darkness, late at night, aren t perpetrated by decent and thoughtful citizens, Oakwood Cemetery Executive Director Robin Simonton said in a statement, according to the News & Observer 1 . In these modern times, conversations on divisive issues should be held in person.

Midnight assassinations don t accomplish anything positive. Mature, non-emotional dialogue more often leads to agreement, or at least compromise. Simonton s view on the controversial folks resting in Oakwood Cemetery is a big reason why she hosts coffeehouse chats on morality and sunrise yoga on the grounds to discuss important and divisive issues like race and slavery through civil discourse.

But the thugs who doused monuments with red paint, spray painted anti-racist messages on headstones, and defaced other property causing an estimated $20,000 in damage apparently aren t interested in civil discourse. They re the same type of people who repeatedly defaced the Silent Sam monument on the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill campus in 2014 and 2014, and who tagged a Confederate Women s Memorial at the Capitol with Black Lives Matter this summer, according to the News & Observer. A total of nine monuments inside a section of Oakwood dedicated to Confederate Army soldiers were targeted in the attack, WNCN 2 reports.

The culprits also hit a monument dedicated to former North Carolina Gov. Charles Aycock, who governed between 1901 and 1905. The damage included KKK spray-painted on the marker for Randolph Abbott Shotwell, a sharpshooter in the Civil War, and Not Heroes painted on a bronze and granite marker dedicated to the crew of the Confederate submarine CSS H.L.

Hunley, the News & Observer reports. Gen. George B.

Anderson s grave was painted with slavery in large red letters, and red paint was splash up the towering monument. Gov. Aycock s grave, one not from the Confederate era, was labeled White Supremacist with black paint.

Simonton and local historian Bruce Miller, who leads tours through the cemetery, worked to cover the graffiti with burlap and assess the damage over the weekend. Raleigh police confirmed to WNCN that they re investigating the incident, but would not discuss details. Cemetery officials also declined to allow news crews to film the graffiti.

The people who did this don t deserve to have any more credence given to what they ve done. And out of respect for the 25,000 folks that rest here, people come here for peaceful experiences and to celebrate life and the words on these monuments don t do any of that, Simonton told ABC 11 3 . She said officials are working with a specialty company to determine how to clean up the paint without further damaging the stone monuments.

Some of these monuments are marble, and some of them are from 1870, so not only do we have to clean it up but we have to protect the stone so that it will stay here forever, Simonton said.

The private, nonprofit cemetery is now soliciting donations to fix the damage, which is estimated to cost about $23,000, according to the news site.

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John Hurt Clear of Cancer

I had the final scan yesterday (October 12) and I saw my oncologist this morning. Sir John developed an interest in acting at school but was discouraged by his parents and head teacher and instead went to art college with an eye to becoming a teacher. Actor John Hurt has spoken of his joy at being cleared of pancreatic cancer.

Hurt added that he is reluctant to use the word remission even if it s true , continuing: It all looks great for the future it s fantastic . After announcing back in June of this year that he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he updated his fans on his progress after he received his knighthood, saying his oncologist was extremely optimistic . The actor, 75, had refused to let the disease stop him working after his diagnosis earlier this year and remained upbeat about the future.

But my treatment is going terrifically well, so I m optimistic . Most recently, he has reprised his role as the War Doctor from 2013 s Doctor Who 50th anniversary special in three audio plays due out as a box set in December. John, who was knighted by the Queen for his glittering career in July, has been busy in recent months filming the new Tarzan with Samuel L Jackson and Margot Robbie.

John Hurt (left) playing Quentin Crisp (right) in The Naked Civil Servant.

His fourth wife Anwen Rees-Myers is a trustee at Sheringham Little Theatre.