Kate Middleton Threatens To Ban Mother Carole From Future Royal …

Kate Middleton is reportedly so embarrassed by her mother’s actions at a recent event that she’s threatened to ban her from future royal events. During the Rugby World Cup in London earlier this month, Carole Middleton, 60, was spotted drinking some wine she had hidden in her purse, a behavior that does not sit well with the royal family. A source told Star 1 magazine: “It seems to be happening a lot lately.” According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry 2 , the Queen was absolutely “disgusted” that Carole was drinking at the game, mostly because Carole allegedly brought the wine to the game herself. “Queen Elizabeth was disgusted with Carole Middleton s coarse display which only reinforced her disdain for Kate and her commoner family.

You can bet the rumor mill will be cranking out theories of Carole Middleton s drinking problem or questions as to whether or not the Duchess of Cambridge s mother is an alcoholic any time now,” reported Celebrity Dirty Laundry . Star magazine reports that Carole’s drinking “has escalated” as have problems in her 35-year-marriage to Michael Middleton. (Editor’s note: Is anyone in the Middleton family happy in their relationships? If all the rumors are to be believed, they’re all either splitting up or contemplating divorce.) The Duchess of Cambridge, meanwhile, is reportedly worried about the upcoming holidays and her mother’s behavior.

The insider added, “It s a huge concern for Kate. She ll hide the booze at her house, but her mom just brings her own! Last Christmas, Carole had had too much to drink and started telling totally inappropriate jokes.

Kate was so humiliated that she finally had to drag her away.” Kate reportedly told her mother, “if she doesn t straighten up, she ll be banned from all royal events.” What do you think — would Kate really ban her mother from attending future events or is this just another rumor?

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