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Avoid getting scammed on Craigslist with the BBB

Please enable Javascript to watch this video ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI)- Scammers are using Craigslist as a new tool to deceive innocent people on the internet regarding house rentals. Chris Thetford of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) sat down with Dan this morning as he described this new scam.

The BBB advises consumers to be on the lookout for new Craigslist house rental scams after a man reported a thief copied his information from a for-sale listing of the man’s home, placed a phony ad and attempted to least the property to an unsuspecting St.

Louis woman.

Tips: Confirm identity Protect credit information Ask questions Use credit card Contact BBB

BBB: How to find trustworthy wedding vendors

Please enable Javascript to watch this video ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)- Chris Thetford from the Better Business Bureau tell us how to find wedding vendors you can trust. He also gives tips on how to avoid wedding nightmares.

Chris says planning the wedding of your dreams is never easy, but couples can rely on Better Business Bureau to help them find reliable businesses that can provide everything from the bridal gown and tux to reputable photographers to help preserve memories of your special day. In the last year, the BBB has issued warnings about several photographers who failed to produce wedding pictures in a timely manner and also warned about an event planner. Bbb receives hundreds of complaints every year about wedding vendors ranging from wedding planners, florists, caterers, musicians and transportation firms.

Wedding expos are a great way to find out what`s on the market, but BBB urges couples to be wary of one-day deals or discounts for advance payment. Read contracts and ask questions before you sign anything. Be skeptical if vendors ask you to pay most of the fees in advance.

Ask about refund policies for deposits or prepayments. Some common problems that couples encounter and tips for avoiding them include: Unexpected fees. Some caterers, hotels or reception venues try to charge extra for ‘plate splitting,’ ‘cake-cutting’ or ‘corkage’ fees, especially if you bring in a cake or liquor purchased from another source.

Ask whether any fees apply beyond the cost per person, gratuities or room rental, if applicable. Dresses that don`t measure up. Brides have complained to BBB about bridal shops ordering the wrong sizes and colors of gowns as well as dresses that arrive too late for timely alterations.

Make sure your order specifies new merchandise, sized to fit you and your bridesmaids. Remind the shop of your schedule in advance. Wedding transportation problems.

Complaints about limousine service include poor customer service and rigid cancellation policies. Get details in writing. Ask how the company handles problems if you aren`t satisfied and what they will charge if you need the vehicle longer on your wedding night.

Don`t pay the entire amount in advance. Musician switch. Couples shouldn`t rely on a website, demo tape or phone conversation when hiring a band or other music service.

Find out where you can hear the musicians play before you hire them. Ask who will actually perform at the reception and get a written commitment from the band or musician, including the amount of time they will play and costs to extend the time the night of the event. Photographer issues.

A common complaint is that the photographer a couple hired doesn`t show up for the wedding or fails to deliver pictures until months after the wedding. Find out when and how pictures will be delivered, whether you will have the option of getting all the images on a dvd or cd, how much time you will have to choose the pictures and whether other members of your family or wedding party will have access to the pictures. Floral changes.

Fresh flowers are a perishable commodity, and the final bouquet or arrangements may need to change depending on what`s available on the wedding day. Make sure you spell out a minimum size or number of stems in each bouquet or arrangement. Ask how the florist will handle any last-minute substitutions and charges, especially if the value of the flowers actually used is markedly different from what you had agreed upon.

Bridal gown preservation. Some bridal shops or other businesses sell bridal gown preservation packages, including cleaning and a box, for $250 or more. Many of these packages are no more than regular dry-cleaning and a cardboard box, which may not be acid-free.

Check with a reputable cleaner on the cost of cleaning your gown after the wedding. The cleaner or another supplier may be able to sell you an acid-free box and tissue at a more reasonable price. Wedding memorabilia.

Monogrammed napkins, decorations, swizzle sticks, pens or other souvenirs often are marketed as a way to enhance the event or remember the wedding. Resist the temptation to buy stuff that may be overpriced, of poor quality or that adds needlessly to the total bill. Consumers are urged to contact BBB at 314-645-3300 or www.BBB.org 1 , for a BBB business review before doing business with any company or charity.

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How to avoid the most popular scams in St.


Please enable Javascript to watch this video ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – You work hard for your money. The last thing any of us wants is for it to be stolen by scam artists.

But you need to be on the look-out so you don’t get ripped-off. Chris Thetford with the Better Business Bureau explains the most common consumer scams in our area. The BBB’s tips for consumers to avoiding scams include: Don`t be pressured into making fast decisions.

Take time to research the organization. Check them out on BBB.org, search online, etc. Never provide your personal information (address, date-of-birth, banking information, id numbers) to people you do not know.

Don`t click on links from unsolicited email or text messages. If you are unsure about a call or email that claims to be from your bank, utility company, etc., Call the business directly using the number on your bill or credit card. Never send money by wire transfer or prepaid debit card to someone you don`t know or haven`t met in person.

Never send money for an emergency situation unless you can verify the emergency.

The task force is a coalition of local, state and federal government agencies and nonprofit business and consumer groups in missouri and illinois that work together to protect consumer and donor rights and guard against fraud.

The group has tackled predatory payday loan offers, tax scams, timeshare reselling fraud, credit repair and foreclosure scams, bogus sweepstakes, internet sweetheart scams, home remodeling, air duct cleaning schemes and a variety of other issues.

Do your homework before Black Friday

Please enable Javascript to watch this video ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – We’re headed into the big holiday shopping season. Chris Thetford from the Better Business Bureau has safe shopping tips.

While online shopping can be a way to avoid crowded stores, shoppers need to be careful of the sites they patronize. When shopping online, be sure to: 1. Protect your personal information.

Check to see how your information may be used online. When shopping at stores, keep your card out of sight and make sure you get it back and safely in your wallet before you leave the store.

2. Check the site`s security settings and privacy policy.

If the site is secure, its address should start with https:// 1 .

3. Know the company`s refund and return policies. Are there restocking fees?

Do you have to pay shipping costs on returns?

4. Do not rely on pictures of a product. Read the description and check model numbers, if applicable.

5. Be cautious of free or very-low-price offers. Often, free offers are followed by an open-ended enrollment in a program that automatically bills your credit card account.

Before ordering anything online, make sure you click on and read all terms and conditions.

6. Pay with a credit card. If you suspect fraud or don`t receive your order, you can challenge the charge.

It`s also possible to dispute charges to your card.

7. Obtain a tracking number for shipments. If you need the product before the holidays, find out when the seller intends to ship it and if possible, how it will be shipped.

8. Print out the order or save it on your computer. Make sure you have the documentation page for online orders and save it until the order arrives.

9. Be aware of phishing. Don`t respond to emails that ask for your credit card, bank account number or other personal information.

Legitimate businesses do not send emails claiming there is a problem with an order or account to lure you into revealing financial information.

Call the company or find the customer service form on the company website to confirm any problem.

More information: www.BBB.org/STLouis 2 References ^ https:// (fox2now.com) ^ www.BBB.org/STLouis (www.BBB.org)

Removing the risk from shopping online

Please enable Javascript to watch this video ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Online shopping is convenient, but potentially risky. Chris Thetford from the Better Business Bureau has tips for online shoppers.

Tips for online shopping: Do your homework Ask for references Find actual office Don’t be fooled by website Pay with credit card More information: www.BBB.org/StLouis 1 References ^ www.BBB.org/StLouis (www.BBB.org)

Better Business Bureau has warnings about “Kaptivating Kreations …

Please enable Javascript to watch this video Chris Thetford with Better Business Bureau is in the studio on why the better business bureau says you should avoid using one metro east party and travel planning business.

Consumers tell better business bureau “kaptivating kreations,” a metro east party and travel planning business took thousands of dollars in deposits from customers, but never followed through with air or hotel reservations.

Chris Thetford discusses the risk of “Reconditioned Appliances …

Please enable Javascript to watch this video ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) Stay cautious when purchasing used appliances, you never know what you’ll get in the long run. Chris Thetford with the Better Business Bureau 1 joins the studio for a warning about a company called “Reconditioned Appliances” in Swansea, IL.

Customers who bought used appliances from “Reconditioned Appliances” of Swansea say, they have been outraged by poor customer service and long delays in getting the company to repair or exchange broken machines.

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Police say molestation suspect struggled with officer

Police say molestation suspect struggled with officer SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (AP) Police say a Springfield man who s charged with child molestation fought with an officer for his gun during an interview. The Springfield News-Leader that 1 41-year-old Lester Charles was charged Tuesday with multiple felonies. No attorney is listed for him in online court records.

The charges were filed after a girl told police that Charles touched her inappropriately. Police said that while Charles was being interviewed, he told officers he had never been alone with the girl. Court documents say that when an officer told Charles he was under arrest, he replied You ain t goin arresting me.

Court documents say that during the ensuing struggle, Charles got a hand on an officer s gun.

Police say Charles fled the room before officers fired a stun gun at him. ___ Information from: Springfield News-Leader, http://www.news-leader.com 2 References ^ The Springfield News-Leader that (sgfnow.co) ^ http://www.news-leader.com (www.news-leader.com)