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Anglia Farmers Supplier Conference

Jones & Cane can help with a wide range of agricultural packaging products. This morning Bryn and I attended the Anglia Farmers Suppliers Conference 2016 1 , at the John Innes Conference Centre at Norwich Research Park. Many of our customers buy with us through the Anglia Farmers 2 group, and so we thought it would be a good opportunity to keep up to date with the developments in the group, and in agriculture as a whole.

The programme was full of informative talks on everything from supermarket partnerships to corporate responsibility for the environment. Whilst we learnt a lot about the growth of the group and the many invaluable services it can provide to its members, we were pleased to discover that an even wider market exists for our packaging products. Approved Supplier So, of course, we d better make even more effort to get the word out to our existing and potential customers that we are, and have been for many years, an Anglia Farmers Approved Supplier !

We can supply many of the packaging products that farmers need to store and transport grain, feed and vegetable crops, and at a discounted price to AF members. Specialist products for farmers Some of the specialist packaging we can provide includes: Potato sacks 3 plain or printed with a Quality Potatoes design, with or without a variety tick-box. These come in 12.5kg and 25kg capacities and are made of high quality 3-ply Kraft paper.

Vegetable/log nets 4 In a variety of capacities and a variety of colours. Hessian and polypropylene sacks 5 Durable storage and transport for all sorts of products. Not to mention silage polythene 6 , ground cover 7 , shade netting 8 , bird netting 9 , vegetable boxes 10 , punnets and even work gloves 11 .

If you re an Anglia Farmers member and would like to discuss what we can do for you, please do give us a call on 01603 722264.

We have 30 years of experience in supplying agricultural customers, and we re always happy to help.

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Small business?

Small quantities!

Small move or huge order? We supply the quantities you need. The Office of National Statistics states that 83% of Norfolk s private sector is made up of businesses that employ less than ten people and Jones and Cane is proud to be part of that successful community.

With celebrity businesspeople like Mary Portas and Alex Polizzi championing the cause of smaller enterprises and improved customer service, it s not surprising that consumers are turning to local, personal service instead of relying on the enormous chains that could so easily dominate every area of business. Small quantities, small prices Jones and Cane s showrooms 1 and website 2 are designed specifically with these vital small businesses in mind. Our ranges of retail, agricultural and industrial packaging have the products you need whether you re packing mugs or Maris Pipers, motorcycle parts or muffins.

Not only this, but we sell in quantities that are suitable for smaller enterprises; buying in bulk, often in thousands, isn t always practical if you re just starting out, or if you don t want to end up with a hoard of packaging that you then need to find a home for Take the following products for example: Our paper sacks 3 come in packs of 40 or 50, depending on what size you choose -perfect for smaller-scale growers Our polythene carrier bags 4 come in handy boxes of 500, and our paper carrier bags 5 come in batches of just 50 Our cardboard boxes 6 come in packs of 25 and are folded flat so they fit easily in the boot of a car, ideal for moving house or shipping small or one-off orders And there are plenty more items that also come in smaller quantities, at reasonable prices. We aim to make good quality packaging available to every type of business, and we won t charge a premium for buying small. Cash and carry customers welcome We hold stocks of all sorts of specialist items, so if you are unsure whether you want bags, boxes, nets, sacks or wrappings you re welcome to drop in on us in Rackheath 7 , where we can take cash or card payments so that you can take your goods away with you.

We have the know-how to help pair your products with the right packaging, and our friendly helpful staff would do Mary Portas proud!

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