A Message from the South Street Mini-Station

OVER the past couple weeks the Queen Village area has had increase in Commercial establishment burglaries. The Barrel House, Tavern 222, and Bridget Foy s, have either been burglarized or an attempt was made. I responded to the assignment at Bridget Foy s while officers were holding the scene and South Detectives processing and working on the assignment.

The mode of entry in these burglaries appears to be prying the door open with a crow bar or similar type of tool. The following are tips businesses and residents can use to assist safe guarding your properties 1. Ensure your business is equipped with proper lighting.

This includes the Front, Rear, and Side(s) or your building. Criminals are less likely to commit crimes if they are exposed to well-lit conditions 2. Use Dead Bolts locks in the rear, or sides, of the property in addition to normal locking mechanisms.

In the event of a fire, the Fire department will the proper techniques to enter your establishment so don be scare of using these.

3. Double check to ensure all doors and windows are locked/secured, especially in areas such as the rear of the property.

4. Invest in a burglar alarm and make sure a key holder is easily accessible to your establishment so the police can do walk-throughs as a part of responding to the assignment.

5. If you see any suspicious behavior that makes you feel uncomfortable, call 911 and articulate to the operator what you see, the more information the police is equipped with aide them in both their response and investigation.

6. Most Importantly!!!!

CAMERAS, CAMERAS, CAMERAS. At least of the establishments caught the burglary and the perpetrators while in the act. A good camera system will surely assist the police with a solid base to begin an investigation from.

I can t begin to stress the value in these systems, especially if your system is registered with the SAFE CAM 1 program. These helpful hints can be used by ALL of businesses and most even apply to our residents. Please use them!

Should you require any additional assistance please don t hesitate to call me. SPECIAL NOTE: South Detectives has issued a warrant out for a male believed to be responsible for at least (6) Commercial burglaries in the 3rd District as well as Center City, it is likely that he is responsible for the crimes at the locations listed above. -Lt. Michael J.

Goodson #314 Commanding Officer, South Street Mini Station 905 South Street, 215-922-6706 References ^ SAFE CAM (policeministation.us7.list-manage1.com)