Impact of Tim Peake school contact on ham radio sites

The Tim Peake ISS contact with Sandringham School resulted in a significant increase in traffic to some amateur radio websites Essex Ham report: A 64% overall increase in site sessions A 56% increase in unique visitors 68% of traffic is from new visitors to Essex Ham Page views up by 84% A 15% increase in time-on-site It appears people were trying to find out about amateur radio and how to get started. Read the Essex Ham story at The ongoing Tim Peake school contacts provide a great opportunity to promote the hobby of Amateur Radio. The next opportunity will be on Thursday, February 11 at 18:11:09 GMT when Tim will speak to students at the RM School for Girls in Rickmansworth.

If you hear some of Tim Peake’s transmission on 145.800 MHz FM why not tell your Local Newspaper?

One amateur did just that for the Sandringham school contact and got great publicity for Amateur Radio and their Club in the Southend Echo, see 2 Some of the media coverage generated by the Sandringham contact can be seen at 3 1 References ^ ( ^ ( ^ (