Serco-Lockheed Team Helps UK Build Wind Turbine-Radar …

A Serco Group 1 Lockheed Martin 2 team has built and installed the first of five anti-interference radar systems for the British defense ministry under a contract awarded in 2010. Serco said Thursday 3 the Remote Radar Head located at Trimingham in Norfolk, England, is now fully operational and is equipped with a TPS-77 radar that aims to minimize wind turbine interference with air defense radar technology. Serco acts as a prime contractor on the project and is responsible for overall system installation, performance management and safety case evaluation.

The British company also consults with energy companies to obtain information about their wind farm development plans.

Christopher Carpenter, a project director and senior engineer at the British defense ministry, said the Serco-Lockheed team designed the RRH radar system in an effort to mitigate the potential adverse effects of the Sheringham Shoal offhore wind farm on the country s air defense missions.

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