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VSP Press Releases: Press Release-Crash-Newbury

STATE OF VERMONT DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY VERMONT STATE POLICE PRESS RELEASE MOTOR VEHICLE CRASH CASE#: 16B300420 TROOPER: Haley STATION: Bradford CONTACT#: 802 222 4680 DATE/TIME: 03/02/16 @ 1417 hours LOCATION: Scotch Hollow Road, Newbury, VT VEHICLE #1 OPERATOR: Linsey Borst AGE: 21 SEAT BELT? Yes CITY, STATE OF RESIDENCE: Thetford, VT DESCRIPTION OF VEHICLE: 2010 Hyundai Elantra DAMAGE TO VEHICLE: rear passenger side WEATHER: Cloudy ROAD COND: Snow covered SUMMARY OF CRASH: On the date and time mention above, State Police responded to a single vehicle crash on Scotch Hollow Road in the town of Newbury, VT. Linsey Borst (21) of Thetford was traveling east on Scotch Hollow Road when she lost control of her 2010 Hyundai Elantra.

Borst vehicle left the road and rolled on to its side causing damage to the rear passenger side.

Borst was wearing her seatbelt and was not injuried, her vehicle had to be towed from the scene TROOPER JASON HALEY VERMONT STATE POLICE B Troop- Bradford 1594 Waits River RD Bradford VT, 05033 TEL: 802 222 4680 E-Mail: [email protected]

VSP Press Releases: Press Release/ VT State Police/DUI*2 …

STATE OF VERMONT DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY VERMONT STATE POLICE PRESS RELEASE CASE#: 16B300388 TROOPER: J. Lewis STATION: VSP Bradford CONTACT#: 802-222-4680 DATE/TIME: 2/26/2016 2338 hours LOCATION: Godfrey Road, Thetford VIOLATION: DUI*2 ACCUSED: Laura Caravella AGE: 30 CITY, STATE OF RESIDENCE: Thetford, VT ACCUSED: Michael Watson AGE: 31 CITY, STATE OF RESIDENCE: Thetford, VT SUMMARY OF INCIDENT: On February 26th 2016 at approximately 2338 hours Troopers with the Vermont State Police responded to a complaint of a vehicle off the road, stuck in a snow bank beside Godfrey Road. Troopers responded to the area and located the vehicle which was driving on Godfrey Road next to the residence.

Troopers spoke with the operator who was identified as Michael Watson. Troopers learned the passenger of the vehicle identified as Laura Caravella was operating the vehicle and attempted to turn around in a driveway of a residence when the vehicle became stuck in the snow beside the driveway. Watson and Caravella were able to get the vehicle unstuck and Watson took over driving the vehicle.

Troopers learned that both Caravella and Watson had been consuming alcohol.

Both Caravella and Watson were taken into custody for suspicion of DUI and processed at the Bradford VT State Police Barracks.


VSP Press Releases: Press Release-LSA-Thetford

STATE OF VERMONT DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY VERMONT STATE POLICE PRESS RELEASE CASE#: 16B300390 TROOPER: Haley STATION: Bradford CONTACT#: 802-222-4680 DATE/TIME: 02/27/16 @ approximately 1109 hours LOCATION: Interstate 91 north, mile marker 85.3, Thetford, VT VIOLATION: LSA ACCUSED: Unknown SUMMARY OF INCIDENT: On 02/27/15 at approximately 1109 hours, State Police responded to a single vehicle crash into the guard rails on Interstate 91 north at mile marker 85.3. Before the Troopers arrival the vehicle described as a newer silver possibly Chevrolet car with a pink “802” sticker in the back window driven by a younger female left the scene. The vehicle should have significant damage to the driver’s side.

State Police were unable to locate the vehicle involved in the crash.

State Police are requesting anyone with information about this vehicle or the operator to contact Trooper Haley at the Bradford barracks at 802-222-4680.

TROOPER JASON HALEY VERMONT STATE POLICE B Troop- Bradford 1594 Waits River RD Bradford VT, 05033 TEL: 802 222 4680 E-Mail: [email protected]

Nothing To Do With Arbroath: Police appeal for help after 16 blocks …

Police are appealing for help after a man stole 16 blocks of cheese from a shop. A CCTV image of the man they would like to speak to 1 has been released following the theft. The cheese was taken from the Co-op store on Plumstead Road in Norwich at approximately 11.30am on Saturday 6 February 2016.

Anyone who may recognise the man in the picture or anyone with information should contact Norwich Police.

References ^ A CCTV image of the man they would like to speak to (www.norfolk.police.uk)

WATCH: Joint Chiefs diss Obama at the State of the Union (2016)

OUTRAGE OF THE DAY Today one should remember a day of “infamay”. Yes today December 7th, 1941 the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, as Roosevelt hoped that they would. He made sure that the aircraft carriers were out to sea, and the dinosaur battleships were in port.

He needed an attack, where the US would lose military personnel, so that he could take the side of Churchill against Hitler. You see there were many like the Bush family that backed Hitler. So this necessitated the sacrifice of Americans to further Roosevelt’s agenda.

And the beat goes on. We are still expendable to further hidden agendas. December 7th, 2015 Halloween brings people in strange costumes, and strange people without costumes.

So to does it sometimes bring strange events, in costumes. A Russian jet crashes in the Sinai. Well who was, and still is looking for their candy?

Who would be willing and able to inflict such damage to the Russians? Looks to me that it would be Israel, the US, with the most means to do it. With ISIS a distant third.

Who does the security at the airport that the plane took off from? Listening to the House Hearings on Benghazi was maddening. The question not asked of the Wicked Witch of the West was “Why were we in Libya, and under what Congressional authorization justified it?” What Hillary said at one point was that “We had to stop Quadafi from oppressing his people.” Well he could ride standing up in an open top car without armed protection, and hear the “oppressed” cheer him.

Quadafi had turned his country around, and he ran it for the benefit of the people. The “oppressed” that the Witch referred to were the hired mercenaries out of Benghazi that Quadafi was fighting, and fighting successfully. The Democrats were not interested in a thorough investigation of what happened, and why, but only in “Lets cover Hillary’s ass mode.” They accused the Republicans of turning it into a political circus.

Well Hillary and Barry (aka Barack) immediately turned in into a political fairy tale while the dead Americans bodies were still warm. Obama thinking of 2012 election and Hillary thinking about 2016. What Stevens was in on was the knowledge that Hillary and Obama were shipping weapons such as Stinger Missiles to the enemy.

The enemy was fighting a US, Israeli, Saudi proxy war to overthrow Assad. My fellow Americans that is TREASON. Was Hillary using here State Department Office to enhance the Clinton Foundation with money from people and countries that made generous “contributions” to it?

In essence these were bribes to pay for her 2016 Presidential run Hello all, The technical support that I signed up for in 5 minutes has resolved the problem. So we will be back up and flying soon. Obama will hate that fact.

October 3, 2015 The problem is back. October 2, 2015 Finally, the problem has been fixed. Will be posting again soon, but first I have to take care of personal business.

October 2, 2015 Campus was a gun free zone, and vet with concealed carry was prevented to stop the carnage. http://www.infowars.com/armed-air-force-vet-was-prevented-from-stopping-oregon-gunman/ 1 Also the World’s most notorious killer, Barack Obama, referred to himself 28 times in his feigned attempt to turn the still warm victims as sacrificial lambs in his desire to disarm all Americans. This is a sick man that the rest of the World suffers from him NPD.

Did you notice his pursed lips during his reading of his “sympathy” speech? That is a true sign of NPD. He knows NO empathy whatsoever.

Every Tuesday this asshole sits down with a kill list, and picks out who to execute with drones. Many men, women and children dies as collateral damage with the actions of this beast. October 1, 2015 Still cannot post.

Will keep trying to right the situation. September 30, 2015 Could not get into the blog today, and now that that has been addressed, we now cannot post. Bear with us as we try and right the situation.

I guess that we must have annoyed someone. Stock Trading 07/08/15 Stock trading has been suspended!!! Christie Waddles for the Presidency Just this past week the big fat bully governor of New Jersey announced that he was running for the Republican nomination for the Presidency.

We here in New Jersey knew that he was waddling for the job ever since he was elected governor. He has been a disaster for New Jersey, and he would be worse for the US. JUST A COINCIDENCE This past Friday I received a survey from “Everytown for Gun Safety”, and of course it was about gun control.

Or should I say the disarming of the citizens of America before their total enslavement and death. It was also just a coincidence that the DHS ran an “active shooter” drill at the time of the Charleston shooting. DISTRACTION April 30, 2015 They have been trying to divide and conquer for quite some time, and Baltimore is just another attempt.

Do not fall for it. Yes the murder of Freddie Gray was terrible, but it does not justify violence. Beware of agent provocateurs.

Yes there were peaceful protests, but looking at MSM you would not know it. What are they hiding while the Baltimore Riots takes front page, while a Treaty disguised as an agreement is being thrust upon our Nation. Discussed in secret, and with transnational corporate input.

No Congressional input. They cannot even discuss what they have been told with their constituents. Fast Track began with the Nixon administration for tariff rate, and only tariff rates.

Treaties required 2/3 of the Senate to pass. Along comes The Great Communicator, the straight man for a chimp, and he declares treaties nothing more than agreements. So Ronnie only needed a simple majority of both houses.

Then came coke snorting, womanizing, money laundering Bill Clinton to get Fast Track on NAFTA, GATT, etc. The TPP will grant sovereignty to corporations, and subject the citizens to their greedy whims and fancies. The poverty in this country and in others will explode, and violence will begin.

That is why you are being subjected to another drill for Martial Law in Baltimore. Just wait for Jade Helm, and again a psyops to get the masses used to Martial Law. My friends any one who pushes the TPP is a TRAITOR.

FORCLOSURES April 17, 2015 In the local paper every Friday has what appears in the classified section is a listing of Sherrif’s Sales. Every Friday the list was 3, 4 or 5 pages. Today while we are in “recovery” the pages number 7, and the Republican Congress is pushing the TPP, which will destroy not only the soveringty of the US and any other signatories, but it will further bring down the middle class (what is left of it).

Do not worry though, the vultures will peck at the bones of the national, state, county, and local government’s assets, and they will get them for pennies on the dollar. The bastards of banking will devour the houses, and turn them into rentals. WTFU America.

January 20, 2015 Just listenedd to Obama’s Chief of Staff say that Obama with his State of the Union will continue his struggle for the middle class. “Continue his struggle for the middle class…”, is that sarcasm. Obama, if that is his real name, has been attacking the middle class, and in so doing is destroying the United States of America. His speech will be nothing more than rhetoric.

He is going to demand increased taxes on the rich. Well how will that happen with a GOP House and Senate? It cannot happen and he knows it.

It is all for show, and he continues his life in lies. January 12, 2015 There is outrage on the outcome of the Dallas Cowboys versus the Green Bay Packers. Why is their outrage on this total distraction?

Fans here belong to one of two tribes that support the circus of the “bread and circus”. It has become a game of less and less interest as commercials, reviews, more reviews, pregame shows of several well paid ex-jocks to tell us what must be done by each team to win. Then after the game the same go over and over the game and why one team won and one lost.

The media has more covering a meaningless event than the do covering all of Africa. It is done to take you mind off the reality of the day. It is the blue pill to keep you from seeing that you are accepting a police state as you are groped and searched when you enter the stadium.

Then there is more money to be made in the betting on the game than in the TV and commercials. So would it be any surprise to you that the games might be fixed? It isn’t to me.

Have you ever seen the pro football game where one team plays and the other merely shows up? Maybe the team that only showed up knew who the winner would be. There is also a globalist plan to destroy national sports such as US football, and replace it with soccer.

Could this be a step in that direction? For a look at a fixed game of last year please watch this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esaaoSrK7_Q 2 November 22, 2014 I remember the day well. A Customer Service Representative was promoted to Outside Sales, and he left just before lunch.

His new job was to begin on the following Monday. He came back in at about an hour or two later. His face was white as a ghosts.

He took a deep breath and said “President Kennedy has been killed.” It was a quiet at the bus stop in Newark that night, and the bus was dead silent. Just like today people are silent on the coup d’etat that happened that day in Dallas. It angers me that people can forget that at that day and time on the 11th month and the 22nd day our country was changed forever, and not for the better.

Many still believe that it is us versus them, and Democrat versus Republican when there is not a dime’s worth of difference. The US and the world are run by a SSG (Secret Shadow Government). Here is the audio of President Kennedy speaking about the danger to American in Secret Societies.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdMbmdFOvTs 3 November 12, 2014 Civil Forfeiture https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kEpZWGgJks#t=296 4 November 6, 2014 When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn? It takes more than flying a flag and closing your eyes to the senseless slaughterr of men, women, and children to be patriotic. The “Great Satan” has struck again, and killed children in Ahrar Ash-Sham, Syria.

It is to stop our own creation ISIS, or so they say. It is really to wage war against the Syrian government, and his majesty want Congress to expand his war making powers. So get off of your patriotic ass and call your Congressman and Senator and say, “I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore.

End the wars, stop the bombing.” November 5, 2014 Today is the day after, and many of us know what a day after can be like. We promise never to do it again when we recover, but we forget about it and do it again. Well we did it again.

We traded one bunch of traitors for another. It is like getting drunk on a different beverage. What will change?

Nothing much will change. It will be the continued destruction of the United States, and the impoverishment of millions more. When will we ever learn, when will we ever learn?

October 8, 2008. Retirement Savings Lose $2 Trillion in 15 months That’s ok, I don’t think I’ll get the chance to retire anyway. October 7, 2008.

Here we go again Yes, Sussex County voting is secure. But what about every other county in the U.S.? August 1, 2008: Lone Anthrax Gunman Commits Suicide 7 .

Oh, really? May 28, 2008. MEDICARE PREMIUMS HAVE DOUBLED SINCE 2000?

I did not know that. Can you help 8 get the ad on the air? May 26, 2008: Vet Burials Nonstop At National Cemeteries Average Of 1,800 Veterans Die Each Day RITTMAN, Ohio — The cracking of rifle fire silenced the twittering blue jays, blackbirds and killdeer. (read entire article) 9 May 8, 2008: Hey, at least the OIL surge is working!

This is happening on such a regular basis, it’s not even shocking anymore, but that (to me) is the outrage! May 5, 2008: Another Taser incident . Just the facts: Number of Google hits for “Taser 20007” = 11 3,650,000.

Number of hits for “Taser 2008” = 4,260,000. And it’s only the beginning of May. May 1, 2008: CBS-2 HDTV reports that House members are leasing expensive cars on taxpayers’ money .

LINK 12 April 30, 2008: Don’t let anyone tell you that the U.S. “liberated’ the women of Afghanistan. Shine the light on stories like this . April 29, 2008: I know, technically this qualifies as an “Outrage of the Last 7 Years,” but it could also be an ACTION ITEM (read to the end of the column).

Thank you, Ted Rall. April 28, 2008: Preventing Voter Fraud by Burdening the Poor and Elderly? Only in Bush World April 27, 2008: Doctors to kill transplant patient for using medical pot 5 6 10 13 14 15 16 References ^ http://www.infowars.com/armed-air-force-vet-was-prevented-from-stopping-oregon-gunman/ (www.infowars.com) ^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esaaoSrK7_Q (www.youtube.com) ^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdMbmdFOvTs (www.youtube.com) ^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kEpZWGgJks#t=296 (www.youtube.com) ^ Retirement Savings Lose $2 Trillion in 15 months (www.truthout.org) ^ Here we go again (www.truthout.org) ^ Lone Anthrax Gunman Commits Suicide (www.brasschecktv.com) ^ help (us.f522.mail.yahoo.com) ^ (read entire article) (www.clickondetroit.com) ^ This (rawstory.com) ^ incident (www.cleveland.com) ^ LINK (wcbstv.com) ^ this (www.rawstory.com) ^ this (news.yahoo.com) ^ Preventing Voter Fraud by Burdening the Poor and Elderly?

Only in Bush World (news.yahoo.com) ^ Doctors to kill transplant patient for using medical pot (www.rawstory.com)

VSP Press Releases: Press Release / Excessive Speed / I91north …

STATE OF VERMONT DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY VERMONT STATE POLICE PRESS RELEASE CASE#: 16D300035 TROOPER: Pregent STATION: Royalton CONTACT#: 234-9933 DATE/TIME: 12:39AM / 1-5-16 LOCATION: I91 north MM 70 VIOLATION: Excessive Speed ACCUSED: Simon P.A. Chauchard AGE: 36 CITY, STATE OF RESIDENCE: Hanover, NH SUMMARY OF INCIDENT: On January 5, 2016 at 12:39AM Vermont State Police attempted to stop a vehicle that was traveling 86mph in a posted 55mph zone on Interstate 91 north in the Town of Hartford. When the vehicle failed to stop additional Police Departments were requested to assist.

A Trooper from the Bradford Barracks along with Officers from the Hartford and Norwich Police Department responded. The vehicle continued for 3 miles before stopping. The operator, Simon Chauchard of Hanover NH was arrested without incident for Excessive Speed and transported to the Hartford Police Department for processing.

COURT ACTION: Yes COURT DATE: 3-1-16 COURT: Windsor Superior Court; Criminal Division MUG SHOT: No Respectfully, Trooper Pregent

Stalight.org: Anambra Police Dismiss Rumours Of Heavy Blockage …

The Police Commissioner said that despite the influx of people into the state, the security agencies have been doing their best to ensure the road is not congested. He blamed the impatience among motorists and other road users for the traffic situation in the area. Mr Karma also cautioned citizens against unnecessary exaggeration of situations or raising false alarm, saying this would not be beneficial to anybody.

Officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) have been in charge of directing traffic in and out of the state.

Stalight.org: Imo Police Launch 'Operation Nkpochapu'

The Commissioner of Police, Taiwo Lakanu, made the official disclosure of this operation at the council headquarters of traditional rulers in Owerri, the Imo state capital. According to him, under Operation Nkpochapu, the state has been crime-mapped and all red and black spots have been identified and put under serious observation as other covert strategies had also been put in place to checkmate criminals in the state. He also unveiled a new pamphlet and phone directory that contains the phone numbers of officers and men of the command who work round the clock for quick response and immediate actions.

This, he said, would aid communication, quick response and also enhance good police-civilian relationship. Over 500 traditional rulers from various communities across Imo State gathered at their council headquarters to receive the leadership of the Imo State Police Command. CP Lakanu, while appealing to the traditional rulers as custodians of laws and culture to use their good office and speak to their wards to desist from crime.

He asked for their continued support and cooperation through giving adequate tip-off and information that will help the Police succeed.

The Chairman of the Imo State Council of Traditional Rulers, Samuel Ohiri, commended the command for the initiative.

He said that it would go a long way to build a robust relationship between the people and the Police and consequently help reduce the rate of crime in the state.