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Transpontine: Rave at the Crypt 0

Transpontine: Rave at the Crypt

As mentioned here before, the crypt of St Pauls Church in Deptford was extensively used for gigs and parties in the 1980s and 1990s. From the great phatmedia rave flyer archive 1 , here’s a couple more to prompt your memories. Mary’s House in November 1988 promised ‘100% pure house sounds’ with ‘DJ Merran and Graham Meacham’ Insanity Promotions’ Hallelujah was a fortnightly event starting in August 1991, with DJs including Andy Nichols, Scott Smith, Danny Monk with forthcoming guests Steve Lee and ‘Andy Weatherall (unconfirmed)’.

Wonder if he ever made it?

In those pre-internet days, membership was available from promoter Alan Main at an address in Lenville Way SE16 – that’s on the now demolished Bonamy Estate: References ^ phatmedia rave flyer archive (www.phatmedia.co.uk)

Transpontine: How Does it Feel to be Loved back at Montague Arms 0

Transpontine: How Does it Feel to be Loved back at Montague Arms

Indie pop/soul club How Does it Feel to be Loved? 1 is back at the Montague Arms tomorrow night (Saturday February 6th), scene of its packed New Year’s Eve party recently: ‘We’re doing a series of one-off nights at venues in south London for the early part of 2016, and the first of these is at the Montague Arms in Peckham on Saturday February 6th. We’ve had two storming New Year’s Eve parties at the Monty, and we’re excited to come back for a regular HDIF. The Monty was one of south east London’s most characterful pubs, famed as a live venue and eccentric hostelry, until it closed in 2011 – it reopened in 2014, and has lost none of its former charm.

The pub itself has a good sized stage and dancefloor in one third, and then the bar and seating takes up the rest, so there’s no pesky bar queues getting in the way of the dancing. Our night on the 6th will start at 9pm and finish at 2am, with a guest DJ TBA. How Does It Feel To Be Loved?

The Montague Arms, 289 Queen’s Rd, London SE14 2PA, map of the venue here The Smiths * The Supremes * The Go-Betweens * Dusty Springfield * Belle & Sebastian * Love * Tammi Terrell * Aztec Camera * The Ronettes * Orange Juice * Beach Boys * The Temptations * Velvet Underground * Felt * The Shangri-Las * Primal Scream * Otis Redding * The Field Mice * Dexys Midnight Runners * Camera Obscura * The Four Tops * Melba Moore * The Orchids’ References ^ How Does it Feel to be Loved? (www.howdoesitfeel.co.uk)

Transpontine: Christ Stopped at Burgess Park: Arild Rosenkrantz's … 0

Transpontine: Christ Stopped at Burgess Park: Arild Rosenkrantz's …

By Burgess Park in Wells Way SE5, in front of St George’s Church (now flats), there stands a war memorial ‘to the memory of those who served 1914-1918’. It features a bronze figure of Christ holding a crown of thorns. The statue, formally unveiled in 1920, was made by the Danish artist Arild Rosenkrantz 1 (1870-1964), an interesting character who subscribed to a mystical strand of Christianity strongly influenced by Rudolf Steiner.

Not sure if there’s any particular esoteric symbolism in the statue, but of course the crown of thorns is traditionally seen as being placed on Christ’s head in the lead up to the crucifixion. Here Christ appears to be either contemplating the crown or offering it – to suffering humanity? Much of the artist’s work dealt with religious/spiritual themes, with his paintings also infused by Steiner’s theories of the importance of colour.

Tempting to wonder if his c.1930 work, Temple of Peace, referenced St George’s Church in Camberwell.

References ^ Arild Rosenkrantz (www.arildrosenkrantz.dk)